The Ultimate Quality in Architectural Concrete Hardscape Features.

Engineered GFRC

EC2 our strong and proven concrete composite formula. Developed, tested, and engineered for stunning unique surfaces and beautiful proprietary finishes.

Superior Strength

Fiber reinforced layers for lightweight strength and durability, ensuring design confidence.



Long lasting and durable, for generations of outdoor use. Biophilic designs that bring sustainability and beauty to any design project.

Rich and Vibrant Colors

Inspired colors for dramatic accents and integrated designs. Combining organic and fade resistant pigments for a symbiotic and balanced garden and hardscape.


SmoothCast™ and StoneCast™

Proprietary mixes and techniques are finished to expose the natural aggregates and silica. Surfaces textures and artisan applied finishes that naturally complement any design project.

UV Coated and Water resistant

StampShieldTM UV Coating for  lasting durability, beauty, and performance. Creating sustainable and enduring designs for a modern environment.


Modern techniques for sustainable hardscape design

Proprietary construction, designed for strength and long-lasting durability